Hollis Frampton



Sixteen Studies from Vegetable Locomotion


Episodes from a Lost History of Movie Serialism: Interview with Hollis Frampton


Peter Gidal interview with Hollis Frampton


A Lecture by Hollis Frampton


The Invention Without a Future: Lecture by Hollis Frampton


Notes on Composing in Film by Hollis Frampton


Film in the House of the Word by Hollis Frampton


Meditations Around Paul Strand by Hollis Frampton


Digressions on the Photographic Agony by Hollis Frampton


A Pentagram for Conjuring the Narrative by Hollis Frampton


Incisions in History/Segments of Eternity by Hollis Frampton


A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi by Hollis Frampton


Eadweard Muybridge: Fragments of a Tesseract by Hollis Frampton


Impromptus on Edward Weston: Everything in its Place by Hollis Frampton


The Withering Away of the State of the Art by Hollis Frampton


For a Metahistory of Film: Commonplace Notes and Hypotheses by Hollis Frampton


A letter by Hollis Frampton sent to the Curator of Film at The Museum of Modern Art


Hollis Frampton at Binghampton University part 1 (41:25 56.8 mb audio)


Hollis Frampton at Binghampton University part 2 (64:26 88.5 mb audio)


Hollis Frampton's Algorithmic Aesthetic by Keith Sanborn (41.6 mb video)


A tribute to Hollis Frampton by Jonas Mekas


Frampton's Sieve: Essay by Annette Michelson


Frampton's Lemma, Zorn's Dilemma: Essay by Allen S. Weiss


Hollis Frampton and the Specter of Narrative by P. Adams Sitney


History and Ambivalence in Hollis Frampton's Magellan: Essay by Michael Zryd


Propositions for the Exploration of Frampton's Magellan: Essay by Brian Henderson


Hidden Noise: Strategies of Sound Montage in the Films of Hollis Frampton: Essay by Melissa Ragona


Photography, Film, and the Transmission of Cultural Memory in Hollis Frampton’s Nostalgia: Essay by Shira Segal 


Words into Film: Toward a Genealogical Understanding of Hollis Frampton's Theory and Practice: Essay by Federico Windhausen


On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters The Writings of Hollis Frampton


A Hollis Frampton Odyssey DVD/BLU-RAY


Prelude to the Philosophy of Hollis Frampton: Essay by Matt Teichman


Frampton's Frames: Essay by Dale Hannon 


Hollis Frampton